About 2024 Baker's Dozen Rescue Drive

As we whisked the new year in filled with promise, 2024 immediately brought with it to CRF a mammoth if not historic “pup-itarian” rescue effort. It has turned out to be the largest single rescue in our almost 25-year history as a rescue organization.  With dire circumstances, 12 pups have been rescued together – 12! CRF gets tips and leads all the time and in reality, most of these tips don’t come to fruition.


Tragically, this is a situation where an owner/ breeder passed away and did not leave a succession plan for all these pups. That is when CRF stepped in with love.


We saved 10 females and two males, all beautiful Blenheim and Tri-colors, aged 1.5 years to 9-years-old from a gritty, dirty breeder operation. While we are grateful, they called CRF, we shudder to think of their well-being as they were rescued from harsh outdoor conditions—a backyard of dirt, chicken wire fencing and random patches of grass. Arriving flea infested, and dirty, with no medical information, records and most likely, no specialty care. Plus, they are not spayed or neutered. They are our beautiful Baker’s Dozen, named after our Executive Director and (or) our “Chief Pup Officer”, Tracy Baker.

Help us help our 'Baker's Dozen' Cavaliers with a tax-deductible contribution. We suggest a  Monthly Sustainer Gift of $20 a month. This will help us with another unexpected item: The costs! Our fundraising goal has to be set at a staggering $36,000. Here's why... On average, CRF spends around $2,500 per rescued pup, nose-to-tail, for each custom adoption (and why we have a near 100% placement record). Understanding that we know so little about these pups, we have raised the "per-pup" vetting estimate to $3,000.

$3,000 x 12 pups = $36,000! 

On the flip side, this all-volunteer team works hard so that 91 cents out of every dollar you donate to CRF goes to the mission. The industry average is closer to 70%. That means that 20% more of every dollar you donate to CRF goes to our mission.

Please consider a one time gift of $250 or a monthly sustainer gift of $20 a month.  Thank you for your kindness and consideration.